Is Coaching for You?

Are you ready ...

to discover and fulfill your life purpose, embracing and honoring

your deepest longings and your heart's desire?

Are you  ...
going through a time in your life of loss or grief
and need guidance and support in the process?

Do you ...

need to make important, or life changing decisions, or

want to overcome the fears that hold you back from making necessary changes?

Are you longing ... 

to experience a more powerful and meaningful awareness of your emotions,

your body's innate wisdom, natural surroundings, and others around you?

Do You ...

want to live a more fulfilling, satisfying, or creative life?

Would you like ...

to be with horses, learn about them and learn from them?

Does your heart ...

long for a more authentic spiritual life, to walk more closely with God?

Do you find yourself ...

quietly searching

for the pathway that will truly lead you there?

If you are ready to find your answers to any of the questions above,

or another desire or need that you have,

you can choose from ...

  • Private coaching sessions in person
  • Sessions by phone
  • Equine assisted coaching sessions (all work with horses in on the ground only, with no riding)

You will be supported and guided by me you as you patiently and purposefully work

at setting and reaching your goals.

You may also choose to dopainting and drawing as expressions of your coaching discoveries.


 Diane Olsen 

Certified Personal Life Coach

Equine Assisted Learning & Coaching

The Spirit of Love


The Heart of Horses

Diane Olsen Certified Personal Life Coach

and Equine Assisted Learning

West Michigan