Diane Olsen

Christian Life Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Equine Assisted Learning

West Michigan


Whether you are coached in person or by phone; in the presence of horses;

privately or in a group setting,

your experience of being professionally coached by me

offers you these assurances and opportunities .....


    * Trusted confidentiality

* Expressed client purpose

* Setting achievable goals

* Sensory/intuitive awareness

* Accountability

* Satisfying progress

* Celebrated successes

* Reasonable time frame

* Painting, drawing and/or writing

Group Coaching

Your Heart's Desire Workshop

3 Hour Workshop

 2-4 participants  $160

Explore your heart's desire for positive change at this time in your life,

as you gain greater personal and emotional awareness,

discover new life direction and sense of purpose, grow spiritually

and consider some new goals for your life. 

Each group member will have an individual equine assisted coaching session after being introduced to each other, the horses, and the coaching process and goals for the workshop.

The workshop will conclude with a group sharing time

of what each participant learned and discovered during their time with the horses.

Any workshop materials and water are provided. 

You only need to bring your open heart and a desire to learn

All work with horses is on the ground only in a safe setting with no riding.

"Positive, healthy life change is made,

not by being resistant to what you don't want,

but by softly and lovingly choosing

what you do what and then,

without out looking back,

patiently and intentionally living

toward your heart's desire."

  • Phone or in person 60 minute session
  • "Laser" phone or in person 30 minute session
  • 5% discount for 3-5 prepaid sessions
  • 10% discount for 6-9 prepaid sessions
  • 15% discount for 10 or more prepaid sessions
  • Equine assisted learning and coaching 90 minute sessions

Please email me at coaching@dianeolsen.org  to talk about

arranging life coaching sessions that will meet your wants and needs.

12 Week Coaching Program

based on my

Workbook for Women

Personalized Coaching