Whether you choose to be coached in person or by phone,

in the presence of horses,

privately or in a group setting, your experience of being

professionally coached by me offers you the following.....


    * Trusted confidentiality

* Expressed client purpose

* Setting achievable goals

* Sensory/intuitive awareness

* Accountability

* Satisfying progress

* Celebrated successes

* Reasonable time frame

* Painting, drawing and/or writing

Coaching Programs

Your Heart's Desire Workshop  Workshop

Explore your heart's desire as you focus on your passions, the power to change, and personal growth and awareness.

What is possible for you at this time or in the near future? 

You will have an individual equine assisted coaching session, followed by the opportunity to express what you discover in a small painting or drawing.

Any workshop materials, lunch and water are provided. 

You only need to bring your open heart and a desire to explore, learn and grow.

One Day Workshop June 16, 2018 in Grand Haven, Michigan

3-5 participants  $160

All work with horses is on the ground only in a safe setting with no riding.

My Unique Foundations Workshosp

Six weekly discussion, discovery, and learning workshops including individual coaching sessions with horses, focusing on Love, Spiritual Health, Rest, and the Nature of Horses in a group setting. 

Foundations Workbook is included.

Six 3 Hour Workshops

4-6 participants  $625

Coaching for Spiritual Growth

Have you come to a time or circumstance in your life where you feel stagnant, restless or in need of a renewed relationship with the Lord?  Are you longing to live more fully and freely in your faith and trust in God?  Is your faith being compromised or challenged in some way because of people in your life or the present day culture?

60 minute session in person or by phone  $110

75 Minute session with horses   $175

An Honorable Journey of Healing

An in depth program for women who have experienced personal loss or betrayal and need and want help moving on with their lives and are ready to heal.  This twelve consecutive week program is based on my workbook for women, and can be experienced in person, by phone, in the presence of horses, or any combination of these.

Workbook included. 

For individuals and for groups.

Price is determined by program structure.

Diane Olsen

Christian Life Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Equine Assisted Learning

West Michigan


I believe that God  is using horses in peoples' lives as servants of the Holy Spirit to guide us to a state of renewed spiritual awareness within ourselves build relationship skills, find answers to our personal questions, and experience a re-discovery of our beautiful non-predatory nature that has been lost in us since our fall from trust and innocence in the Garden.

We now always have a predatory nature in us as long as we are here on earth.  Yet the Spirit teaches us to have the attributes of a non-predatory way of life while here in the same way that Jesus modeled for us. 

I do not use New Age terminology/methodology om in my equine assisted learning and coaching work.

To God be the Glory!

  • Phone or in person 60 minute session
  • "Laser" phone or in person 30 minute session
  • Equine assisted learning and coaching 75 minute sessions

Please email me at coaching@dianeolsen.org  to talk about

arranging life coaching sessions that will meet your wants and needs.

Individual Coaching